Anodised Aluminium:

Even though they were...

...derided, scorned, ridiculed and officially complained about by numerous Colonels and at least one Lieutenant General, anodised aluminium cap badges nevertheless entered service with the British Army from the early 1950's and with an abundance of these badges still in service stocks, it seems that many soldiers will see their continued issue well into the 21st century.

Although these badges are modern, contemporary issue items, reliable information about them is almost unobtainable. Few students of British Army insignia understand their construction or design, how they were made or even which badges were officially authorised for issue.

Book Cover

This book is written for collectors, by a collector and will open up a wealth of information on the most unknown genre of British Army cap badges. With extensive reference to official military documentation, mixed with the author's own research, this unique publication is essential reading for students of British Army uniforms and is one book that no enthusiast can afford to be without.

Illustrated throughout in twenty four chapters and fourteen appendices, Anodised Aluminium: The No Bull Cap Badge of the British Army covers all aspects of 'Staybrites', giving the data and detail required to understand these badges in their entirety. Not only will this book inform individual collectors which badges to acquire; it will also tell them which ones to reject.

Note: This book is a limited edition. The total number of individual copies printed is well under that considered normal for publications even of specialist subjects. As such, this book will, in all probability, increase in value as soon as the last copies are sold. This book can only be obtained from the author. It is not available from specialist book shops or militaria dealers regardless of any comments made on proprietary web sites.

ISBN NUMBER: 978-0-473-16324-2

ISBN NUMBER: 9780473163242

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